Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone

Deluri - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone

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Meet Deluri

We've all been through the struggle of trying to prop up our phone with whatever we can find to take a group photo, watch a movie, video chat with loved ones, or follow a recipe. Not to mention the struggle of finding the perfect angle to follow a workout or record one.

Let's just say the results are... less than ideal. Double chins, weird crops, and falling phones - the struggle is real.

These frustrations were getting all too common in our own lives, and we didn't want to carry a bulky tripod around with us everywhere, so we wondered what could be done to get rid of this frustration using an item that we already carry with us on a daily basis.

That was the "aha!" moment for us - and Deluri™ was born.

Find Your Perfect Angle


With adjustable positioning for both portrait and landscape use, Deluri™ ensures that your device is always at the perfect angle and height for that selfie, zoom call, or timer'ed group photo. It's easy - just snap it on and adjust it to the perfect angle for whatever you're doing.

It goes with you everywhere, so you're always ready to capture the moment, consume your favorite content, and connect hands-free with perfectly positioned video calls... or however you want to use it!

The Most Functional Water Bottle Ever

Deluri™ combines a premium double-wall stainless steel water bottle, the kind we carry with us every day, with an ultra-strong MagSafe phone mount that's always there when you need it.

Ringo's advanced bottle tech will keep your drink hot or cold all day long, and its integrated pro-grade magnetic tripod mount securely and conveniently holds your device whether the bottle is empty or full.

Oh! (or should we say... "O!") - the ring also works as a carry handle.

Work Out Wherever You Are

Whether you're trying to follow a workout or record one, at the gym, on the go, or at home, Deluri™ is your perfect workout companion.

Snap your phone on your Deluri™, set it at the perfect angle, and focus on your workout instead of focusing on getting your phone to cooperate.

Connect Hands-Free

Catch up with friends and family, collaborate with co-workers, or connect with your followers whether you're on the couch, cooking, or out and about.

Forget the annoyance of awkwardly keeping your phone at the right angle while your hand and arm get sore - just snap on your phone and get to chatting.

Capture Your Best Content

Ringo's precision hinge and ultra-strong magnets make it the perfect replacement for your bulky, traditional, boring tripod.

Whether you're an artist, dancer, YouTuber, influencer, content creator, live-streamer, gamer, or athlete, Deluri™ helps you capture your craft and empowers you to take your content to the next level.

Your Travel Companion

We've all been there - trying to comfortably watch your favorite show or catch a sports game in a not-so-comfortable place.

Whether you're in a plane, train, or automobile (or anywhere else you stream your content on the go, we don't judge) - Deluri™ makes it easy.

Create Memories

Don't let a falling phone ruin the fun. Deluri™ is always ready to capture your group photos and videos, so you can focus on creating memories.


And So Much More!

The true usefulness of Deluri™ only really hits home once you've been using it for a while - and its uses are endless. Entertaining kids, keeping your phone off of the sand at the beach, using it at a bedside alarm, recording your tennis practice, your golf swing, your wake-surfing, using it to help you navigate while driving - how will you Deluri™?

Best In Class

Ringo Bottle, cut through view showing water and Coffee

Deluri™ is made from double-wall premium-grade stainless steel and uses vacuum technology to ensure your drink is at the perfect temperature hours after you filled your bottle with it.

It'll keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours.

Simple On The Outside - Engineered On The Inside

Simple On The Outside - Engineered On The Inside

And if you think the bottle is premium, wait till you hear about the lid. We worked with a well-known laptop manufacturer to design our lid's hinge, so we could land on the perfect resistance and strength, to make sure you can effortlessly fine-tune your device's angle while ensuring it doesn't move once your angle is set.


Super Stable

**This image is for illustrative purposes only to show that Deluri™ is fully stable with or without water, there is no visual opening on the side of Ringo™ **

We designed Deluri™ to work flawlessly as a secure and convenient phone mount no matter how much (or how little!) liquid is in the bottle. Don't worry about refilling your bottle so it stays upright - Deluri™ just works. Tap and swipe away!

For big, heavy devices like a 12.9" iPad (shown in our video) - we do recommend keeping the bottle mostly full for best results. Mobile phones need no liquid at all!

Ringo™ Ticks All The Boxes

BPA-Free, Leak-Proof, Toxin Free, you name it - we've got it.

And The Magnets Are Really Strong! 

We don't want your phone falling off of Deluri™, so we developed an upgraded and proprietary configuration of double ring Neodymium magnets to create the strongest possible magnetic connection.

No iPhone? No Problem.

MagSafe technology is built-in to every iPhone 12 (2020) and above, so you don't need anything other than your phone to enjoy Deluri™.

If you have an earlier iPhone, an Android phone, have a different brand of phone, or use a case on your phone that isn't MagSafe compatible - worry not - Deluri's got you covered.

We developed a magnetic booster ring that makes Deluri™ compatible with any device - including older iPhones, non-Apple phones, and even tablets like the iPad 12.9"!

Please refer to the 'Magnetic Booster Ring Continued' section lower on the page for more information on MagSafe, the Magnetic Booster Ring, and how to add one (or more!) to your pledge.

A Far Better Drinking Experience

It may seem like a silly thing to point out - but have you seen the "competition"?

You'd think that making a bottle that is enjoyable to drink out of would be something obvious - but some top dogs in the industry (we won't name any names) don't seem to care about that.

We do. Deluri™ is designed to feel really nice to drink out of, with an interior lid screw thread, and outer shape inspired by human mouths - you know, for drinking out of.

Dishwasher Safe And Easy To Clean

Ringo's bottle is dishwasher safe, so you don't have to struggle with getting that sponge out of your bottle (we've been there).

To keep your Deluri™ lid in the best shape, we highly recommend hand-washing it. It's only one piece - unlike other bottles that have multiple components that need to be separated for proper cleaning.